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🤝🏼 Join over 20,000 successful graduates from 50 countries. 🌎who are getting paid to do what they love.​ 🤝🏼 FAJOB Graduates have earned $10,000 – $50,000 per month or more, 💰 and skyrocketed their incomes!


  • Enroll Today & Pay NO Tution/Fees For An Entire Half Year!
  • You Begin Earning In Your Field From Week ONE Due To Our Immediate Business Set Up!
  • Laptops Provided For Each Subject!
  • (FAMILY SUPPORT ENROLLMENT) Up To 3 People Allowed To Enroll On ONE Tution Account!
  • Enroll In Additional School Programs NO Cost !
  • Get A 50% Referral Payment When Someone That You Refer Enrolls In A Program!
  • Instant Access To Monthly Interviews With Top Successful Leaders Of Your Industry!
  • FREE 3-8 Day Family Vacation For The Annual Student Mastermind!
  • Wave Tuition Fees Forever By Using Business Joint Venture Option!

We are literally the one and only entrepreneur university that focuses mainly on monetizing the skills that you will be learning. We consider other university and financial institutions that teach you a skill but don’t assist with the business set up side of things, a scam. FAJOB university offers free business set up with EVERY enrollment to ensure that your future in financially stable. One of the worst things I’ve seen, is a college graduate end up back working retail or department stores when they should be owning those places. The weakness of other education providers is the strength of our university.

​No more being $100,000 or even $50,000 in debt after graduation. With FAJOB University you or a co-signer can simply get approved by Paypal Credit with $0 upfront cost and a full 6 months before payments begin. This means you can be profitable and comfortable in your new business months before paying back the loan. No more Sallie Mae loans because we didn’t want them restricting what we teach you or how long we teach you. We were willing to take a pay cut just to maintain the freedom of keeping you out of deep debt and only teaching you what translates to income.

Programs at FAJOB University begin monthly so you can enroll and begin earning and learning from your trade right now. It is a very simple process. You simply fill out the form above, choose which certification program you’re interested in, apply for a loan to cover tution, get approved, and begin classes immediately. No commute is needed as all classes are online for your convenience.

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